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Life Unlimited is a church dedicated to helping every individual to find their true identity. Everyone is looking for Jesus, but not everyone realises it’s Jesus that they are looking for. We seek to model a lifestyle in Christ that’s real and makes a difference in the every day scenarios (1 Corinthians 4: 20). We believe that in Christ you can rise above every situation, circumstance and feeling and be the heroes that this world needs. Get involved, come and find out who Jesus is so that you can fully live in Him and impact the world.

Why you are here?

We believe that you are here on this planet for a unique purpose and its your destiny to find out that purpose. We want to see you walk 100% in your destiny. Jesus came so that you can find your true identity and live in the real you 24/7. 

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is the light of mankind, the light and joy that was always meant to live in us. After the fall we were all born without Jesus on the inside but through believing and accepting him we can become joined to Jesus and he lives in us. Then through renewing our thinking you can live in life and peace knowing clearly your purpose. 

find out


If you would like to find out more please contact one of our locations. We can help you discover more of who the person of Jesus is in a relaxed and chilled environment. Understanding who Jesus really is is key to you moving forward and changing this world. Be blessed and thank you for visiting our site. 
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